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With a comprehensive range of over 400 items available, Steelcraft are the best non-OE pattern parts in the market place.

Steelcraft panels are manufactured in the UK by Taylor Pressform Ltd. Since production started, in 1974, developments in manufacturing processes and materials ensure that every part is excellent fit and function, every time.They are tried and tested by thousands of body shops and home restorers with years of experience.

Taylor Pressform produce Steelcraft parts on Motor Industry presses which range from 20 tonnes to 400 tonnes.

Only steel dies (some weighing as much as 12 tonnes) are used to produce Steelcraft parts. This ensures accuracy and consistency during the manufacturing process.

All parts are manufactured from industry standard steel and are finished in a tough electrophoretic primer.

All product is identified by the Steelcraft parts label and part number.

Steelcraft parts are stocked and distributed by British Motor Heritage through its world wide network of Heritage Specialists and Steelcraft Stockists.

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